Bootleggers & Hustlers, Volume Two: Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
  • Bootleggers & Hustlers, Volume Two: Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
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VERY LIMITED QUANTITY of Limited Edition Record Store Day commemorative Vinyl, screen-printed artwork, Hand-signed and numbered.
Track List: 1. The Rumpke Mountain Boys: Cincinnati Moon 2. My Brothers Keeper: Seven Times 3. Dottie Warner & Ricky Nye: Beale Street Blues 4. The Hot Magnolias: Chinatown 5. The Cincy Brass: Over the Vine

  1. Margaret Darling: Ragnarok
  2. Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle: Buffalo's Cannon
  3. Willow Tree Carolers: One Foot in the Grave 9 The Rubber Knife Gang: Gone Away
  4. 46 Long: Tennessee
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